Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We are now in November, moving ever closer towards the winter, but still, warm weather and blue skies hang on. The season is in transition, and so too, are many of us.
Do you sometimes feel like you are always “in the meantime”, waiting for something to change, stuck in the middle, wondering when the turning point will come?

Ralph Waldo Emerson said:
“The line between failure and success is so fine that we scarcely know when we pass it - so fine that we often are on the line and do not know it.”

Look at your day, at your life, and recognize the ways you are already on the path. You are already transitioning to something new, something better. It may not seem as quick or obvious as the snow storm that came in the middle of the day, but things are changing, not just in the weather, but within us. Recognize and give thanks for these transformations. You may be closer than you realize.

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